Natural Spring Water from the heart of British Columbia

The World’s Purest Natural Drinking Water

Why We Chose Cans?

Selkirk Springs Facts

Our drinking cans are made from 86% recycled aluminium

Comes from naturally occurring artestian springs

Alkaline water has more hydrogen & higher pH levels.

Bottled on site at our Selkirk Springs facility

Serving our natural glacier water since 1986

Pride ourselves on quality standards

Selkirk Springs Natural Water Product Line


What’s in the can?

Selkirk Springs water comes from a naturally occurring artesian springs in the mountains near the border of Canadian Glacier National Park.

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The brilliant fresh tasting, not salty not bitter but comfortably natural and neutral, slightly alkaline (PH=7.9-8.4).


Superior to all other water because it is rich in valuable minerals (totally dissolved 225 to 254)


“As the most rehydrating and refreshing water I have drank. This water so refreshing and tastes crisp and clean.”

Kirsten S.

“This may be the best water I have ever tasted, that’s why I bought 42 cases so far. If you haven’t tried it you definitely should.”

Gareth W.

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