Selkirk Springs Natural Spring Water from British Columbia facility is located in a pristine mountain setting approximately four kilometers from Canada’s Glacier National Park

About Selkirk Springs

Selkirk Springs produces the world’s most natural glacial mineral water from the Canadian Rockies Mountains. Our water plant is designed and operates to the highest levels of safety and quality. Selkirk’s production process has the strictest high-quality control.

Just leave it to nature – our springs do all the hard work for us. Our water comes from the natural occurring artesian spring, undergoing its own natural filtration system leaving it rich in valuable minerals. Nothing added, nothing removed.

Selkirk has been provider natural spring water to BC & Alberta since 2012.  Selkirk Springs water is naturally high in alkalinity and beneficial minerals. Selkirk Springs is canned in infinitely recycled aluminum, each of our cans is constructed from 100% recyclable aluminum.  Ultimately with the goal of reducing our impact in plastic waste and to rethink the way we view canned water.

Fresh Tasting

Selkirk Springs water comes from the naturally occurring artesian springs in the mountains near the border of Canadian Glacier National Park.

Our Mission

To provide the best tasting, most refreshing and healthiest spring water, while taking a proactive approach to helping the environment through sustainable recyclable products.